About Jessica Kerrigan

RESON8 founder Jessica KerriganHi there,

If you’d like to know who I am and what I do, let me sum it up with my personal theme:

Meaningful contribution and limitless growth.

I constantly strive to have a positive impact on others. I’m insatiably curious about people. I’m always reading at least four books at a time and I never stop learning.

I’m a distance runner, an indefatigable dog lover, and a longtime motorcycle rider. I come from a family of intellectuals who still cackle when someone belches at dinner. You’re as likely to find me camped out in a tent as lounging at a spa, or browsing street fairs for handmade art. 

On any given day, you’re most likely to find me writing.  

I choose words with care. I named my business RESON8 Marketing because I believe the only marketing worth doing is the kind that truly, deeply resonates with people who want what you sell. I crave genuine connections in my life and work, and I bring that to everything I do as a marketer and writer.

If you’re looking to grow your business by deeply understanding your target audience and creating irresistible messaging, I’d love to help you.

Who I Love Working With

I’ve worked with everyone from budding solopreneurs to multi-functional teams in matrixed organizations, across a wide range of industries. My ideal clients are individuals and organizations that refuse to settle for slapdash marketing tactics and cookie-cutter content.

Because I focus on strategic, customer-centric marketing and writing that’s grounded in business objectives, I’m a great fit for:

  • Organizations that need high-quality content or copywriting
  • People who need help creating a goal-oriented marketing plan
  • Marketing teams that need additional capacity for focused projects
  • Companies that are looking to synthesize marketing and sales activities
  • Businesses that are serious about building a performance-driven content strategy

It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve presented to executive boards and counted inventory alongside warehouse staff. I love getting to know the human beings behind every business, and it makes me a better voice for your brand.

Digging Beneath the Surface

“Jessica is a mastermind at marketing. She digs beneath the surface to truly understand your customer and what will resonate with them. She thoughtfully crafts messaging and has guided me to rethink my approach to marketing.”

Margo Crawford, Founder, Wave Productivity

What You Can Expect From Me

Strategic guidance and damn good writing. You will never get less than the best possible work I can provide, because I understand the impact that your marketing communications have on your business success.

As a boutique service provider with a diverse professional background, I can wear many hats. I’ll be flexible and collaborative when you’re dealing with surprises and opportunities coming from all angles. When it’s time to get things done, I’ll roll up my sleeves and dive in.

Lastly, I’m going to push you to define your unique value and drive it through everything you do. And I might surprise you by pulling your very best marketing from the last place you expect to find it: inside your own head.

You Might Be Wondering If I’m Any Good

Jessica and her dog Memphis

Well, there’s always my LinkedIn profile. You’ll see that I spent almost two decades in the motorcycle industry, working as a retail store owner, marketing director, industry spokesperson, communications director, magazine editor, video host/producer, and riding instructor. It’s a niche industry, but it taught me one very powerful universal lesson:

Lasting customer relationships come from authentic personal connection.

Thanks to those roles, I’ve learned to understand and communicate with just about anyone. Today I have nearly 20 years of experience in developing compelling communication strategies and powerful content. I’ve provided clients with strategic marketing plans and high-quality writing that exceeded their expectations, and I’m happy to provide references upon request.

Also, if it helps, dogs seem to like me.

Heard enough about me? I’d love a chance to learn more about you.

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