Our Marketing Solutions

From strategic planning to creative copywriting, we’re passionate about getting results for you. Our marketing and content strategy efforts are grounded in measurable outcomes that drive your business objectives forward—and build lasting customer relationships.

Marketing Strategy

This is your road map to success, as defined by your vision, business goals, and budget. We’ll help you align your core value with your business objectives, and turn it into an outcome-driven marketing strategy. This plan provides guidelines for all of your marketing efforts, from digital marketing and media outreach to strategic partnerships and events.

We use a simple and effective framework based on the principles of customer lifecycle marketing, driving value at every step of the customer journey. Our goal is a measurable lift in customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty, and referrals.

Our Planning Process:

  • Understand current business objectives and challenges

  • Identify your target market and unique value proposition

  • Define customer engagement goals for each stage of the lifecycle

  • Plan marketing activities, content, and KPIs to achieve your goals

  • Identify measurable outcomes to track results & make improvements

Strategic Planning

It’s no secret that companies need a clear vision, articulated in a simple strategy statement, to align individual efforts and guide decision making. Where many firms fall short is in connecting that vision to effective marketing actions.

We offer a series of 3 strategic planning sessions to help you define your unique value and competitive position, which become the foundation of your marketing strategy. Together we’ll produce actionable guidelines for your marketing team to plan, execute, and measure your marketing activities.

Our Session Components:

  • Perform internal analysis of brand identity (prior to session)

  • Conduct research on market, competition, and customer base

  • Lead SWOT analysis to define market position and differentiation

  • Deliver marketing & communications playbook with brand strategy

  • Build tactical plan aligning marketing strategy and business goals

Content Strategy & Writing

Resonant content is the most effective way to engage and influence your audience, and it’s our specialty. We provide unique and engaging content that supports your marketing and business goals. It’s what we call “strategic storytelling”—and it’s a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. We’ll help you create stories that drive interest and loyalty in your customers, in the voice, channels, and format that suit your brand identity.

Content Services We Provide:

  • Website content

  • Blogs and articles, online or print

  • Advertising copy

  • Email marketing

  • Social media posts

  • Custom publications or marketing collateral

Email Marketing

Why is email marketing a standalone service? Because it’s that powerful a tool. Emails are a great way to build lasting customer relationships through interactive and engaging content. It’s also a great platform for cross-promotion of other digital marketing channels, like your YouTube videos or company blog.

We’ll manage your strategy, content, audience segmentation, and delivery. We can build everything from triggered campaigns to product promotions and newsletters, and we have experience with multiple email marketing platforms, including Bronto, Listrak, and Infusionsoft.

Our Email Capabilities:

  • Content creation, including subject lines, body content, and A/B testing

  • Graphics creation and image editing

  • Landing page design to optimize conversion

  • List segmentation

  • Delivery and reporting

Outsourced Marketing

This is the “just get it done” catch-all bucket. We know some companies don’t have the bandwidth to carry out all these wonderful marketing ideas. So if you need someone to plan and execute your marketing, count us in. We can help you with the high-level strategy formulation and creation of a marketing plan, and we’ll send out your emails and post your social media updates. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty with the details.

Marketing Services:

  • Brand building activities and marketing strategy development

  • Digital marketing strategy & content: blogs, emails, web content, etc.

  • Social media management: campaigns & content

  • Event planning and tradeshow management (yes, we’ll even attend)

  • Internal marketing and communication activities

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We’re here for you, whether you need a session facilitator, a project consultant, or an outsourced marketing department. We can’t wait to work with you.

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