Content Strategy & Planning

Reaching your target audience at the right moment isn’t about luck. It’s about understanding what your customers need and delivering genuinely useful solutions with a content marketing strategy. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess at the kinds of information and resources your customers want. Your company has knowledge, your industry has research, and your customers have opinions.

That’s how we draw customer insights that spotlight the digital opportunities for your business.

At RESON8, we build content strategies that are grounded in market research and incorporate proven content marketing tactics. We work with you to understand your customers’ motivations and barriers, and how you can provide real value to their lives.

Why does that matter? Because people don’t buy your products or services. They buy your approach to solving their problems.

Studies show a vast majority of successful B2B and B2C marketers use documented content marketing strategies to provide the best possible experiences across the customer journey.

Content marketing gets people to know and trust your brand

Our Content Strategy Process

We use design thinking techniques to learn about your audience, identify their needs and pain points, and brainstorm ideas for truly valuable content. Our secret sauce is customer empathy: it’s the foundation for everything we do.

Need a writer to bring your content strategy to life? Yup, we handle content writing too.

At RESON8, we follow a five-step approach:


    We conduct interviews with customers, internal teams, and industry experts to learn about your customers’ pain points and buying behavior. We also want to understand your brand’s unique value and positioning, as well as your business goals and marketing objectives. And we’ll analyze your competitive landscape, including competitors’ websites, social media, content, and promotional tactics.


    Using our first-hand and secondary research, we create customer personas highlighting the needs, goals, and challenges of your target audience. This step is crucial for identifying and creating the content that will truly resonate with your customers. We use empathy-based techniques from design thinking to understand your customers’ needs and define their most pressing problems, so we can work to create solutions.


    We map the buyer’s journey to illustrate what your customers are thinking, feeling and doing as they move through the decision-making process. By understanding your customers’ motivations and pathways, we can identify where you’re doing things right, where you could be doing more, what questions you need to be ready to answer, and when in the decision-making process your customer expects to find these answers.


    After brainstorming ideas to provide solutions for your customers, we pull it all together for you with a content framework. We build an ideation matrix and editorial calendar mapped to your customers’ journey and sales funnel, and prioritize content needs based on your business goals.


    We develop a plan to create, publish, and promote your content that’s realistic for your time and budget capacity. We’ve worked with everyone from solopreneurs to matrixed organizations, and we’re delighted to help shape the processes that make content marketing work for you.

3 More Reasons to Invest in a Content Marketing Strategy:

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